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Crystal Salt Lamp

Color changing crystal salt lamp will improve air condition and warm your heart at the same time. This lamp is a natural ion generator, removes smoke, bad odor, absorbs and removes dust and gems in the air. It can naturally adjust and suppress high-frequency electromagnetic waves generated by electrical appliances by absorbing water from the air, evaporating and continuously releases ions in the air

Contains over 80 kinds of minerals and trace elements that the cells requires. Absorb airborne dust and particles, purify and improve air naturally. Changes into three different colors

Benefits of this Salt Lamp includes improve breathing, reduce allergies, reduce stress, creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere, stabilize emotion, improve mood and ensures a good night sleep. Made from crystal salt and has no harmful radiation.

Crystal Salt Lamp is not only good for the air but it also creates a romantic night light. Easily adjust the brightness of the light. Perfect gift for all at every occasion.

Power Supply is USB input
Size: 94*94*141mm
LED Life: 50,000 hours
Weight: 780g

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